The vision of Charitky is children changing and creating the society.
The goal of Charitky is in a financially sustainable way to help children and support their development to the creation of ethical society.
The aim of Charitky is to maximize the number of supported children and to maximize the sale of products made by people with disabilities.

Even a business could have a social dimension!

Even a business could have a social dimension!

I have devoted my entire professional career to strategic brand management, because it best corresponds to my inventive and creative personality. After leaving marketing positions of corporate sector I established my own advertising agency and became a strategic partner during expansion of international brands.

In the role as a woman and loving mother I would also like to be an active contribution for society and give it my added value. By combining marketing business experience with my passion I found a way to raise funds for support children’s development. A great inspiration for me is my 8-years-old son Matýsek. Thanks to him I realise how important it is to form and develop little human personalities and how little is often enough to make the right incentives for strengthen their uniqueness. It is precisely in the hands of our children where the future of the entire society and Earth is.

And this is how Charitky® was born - a financially sustainable promotional program with social impact. For more then 3 years of its existence it has already supported 540 children by the amount above CZK 550.000.

Do you also have a dream? And does it meet with mine? We can work on its fulfilment together.
Just make the first step. Giving forward...

Yours faithfully,
Miriam Janyšková

Pass on Charitky message...

Pass on Charitky message...

If you already know that help of the entire organization can be the best way to truly support a good cause, you are in the right place. Even you can become our (Charitky) partner! It does not matter if you are a company or educational or media organization, or perhaps another institution. It just depends on your goodwill and willingness to pass on our mission...

Do you think that our project is worthy of your attention? You can help us in the seemingly simplest way: forward our (Charitky) mission...
I am ready and would like to provide a maximum possible support to anyone who wants to spread the mission of Charitky in any form whether word or image.

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