A contribution to Ondra to a personal assistant and to little Monička and Honzík to a respite service

A contribution to Ondra to a personal assistant and to little Monička and Honzík to a respite service

Companies TOTAL and AS 24 together joined a project Charitky. Thanks to them Charitky can donate CZK 15,000 to a non-profit organisation Hornomlýnská.

The total amount was divided on the needs of three children. The first one is twelve-year-old Ondra who has severe combine disability, global developmental delay, which is associated with speech and vision impairment. Ondra needs a wheelchair for moving. That’s why Ondra needs a specific support - a personal assistant. She accompanies him to a primary school, leads him to use verbal communication and supports him in self-sufficiency.

The second supported child is little Monička, she is seven years old and she suffers from mitochondrial disease, hypotonia and epilepsy. She has been attending Hornomlýnská for 5 years and she uses the respite service here. The mission of this service is to give relief to the parents who the whole day take care of a child with disabilities and at the same time to create suitable conditions to support the development of these children.

Also little Honzík who is four years old uses the respite service in Hornomlýnská. Honzík has West syndrome, CVI (cortical visual impairment) and severe intellectual disability. In Hornomlýnská he uses a wide range of activities. The most suit him music activities that develop his sense of music and rhythm. Thanks to physical activities he improves in gross and fine motor skills, he has more power, he is more skilful and more focused.

The contributions are given to children gradually in the form of 50% discount on the monthly payment for the provided service. Each of these contributions will cover 100 -111 hours of time of appropriate social workers.

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