A new non-profit organisation joining Charitky

A new non-profit organisation joining Charitky

La Sophia is a public benefit company that more than 8 years on different levels devotes to charitable activities aimed at helping abandoned children. La Sophia focuses on future of these children rather than on a momentary help.

A non-profit organisation La Sophia is associated with the name Yvetta Blanarovičová, who has engaged herself in charitable activities already since 1998. The main objective is to by an international project Talent La Sophia search for children from orphanages or socially disadvantaged families who are musically gifted or talented in sport.

La Sophia further supports the education of these children at elementary art schools or conservatoires, by private tutors, or supports their skills in sports clubs in the whole Czech and Slovak Republic.

Currently La Sophia realises these projects:
• a project Talent La Sophia
• a project Music festival La Sophia
• a Christmas Gala evening La Sophia

La Sophia


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