iDnes: Business and help can go together, even if it is hard work

iDnes: Business and help can go together, even if it is hard work

‘Social enterprises facilitate entry into employment to people, who are in some way socially disadvantaged. For example to ethnic minorities, those who returned from prison, but especially to people with disabilities,’ says an article from a server, which was published at the beginning of August 2014.

Charitky was also mentioned as one example of social entrepreneurship: ‘Charitky – candy boxes with promotional printings on whose manual assembly is production franchise given to sheltered workshops and social enterprises. Currently, 12% of sales price of Charitky is devoted to helping ill or socially disadvantaged children.’ Other social entities are also Aranžerie of Společnost E (Czech Epilepsy Association, o.s.) and civil society organisation Náruč.

Social enterprises focus on providing services and manufacturing products that are missing in their region or on the market in general and in the same quality as normal companies.

Mrs. Lucie Mádlová of the Association of Social Responsibility says: ‘I perceive social entrepreneurs as a driving force of social responsibility, because they are socially responsible by their very nature.’

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