Charitky again on television – in main news on CT

TV news report broadcasted on Sunday, April 27, 2014 on Události ČT

Promotional items that help specific children, are economically convenient for companies and give work to people with disabilities – special sweets called Charitky that are already handed out by 20 large companies in the Czech Republic.

Sometimes even a few thousand crowns is enough and the life is much more easier, it covers a camp for gifted child, spa for the ill one or serves as a basis for a start in life, to all these children Charitky contributes. “They are children with disabilities, physically or mentally challenged, children from socially disadvantaged families and children from orphanages,” says the founder of Charitky Mrs. Miriam Janyšková.

The project is not a charity of itself. A company purchases its own advertisement, boxes in patented paper wrapping containing mini dragees. 12 % of the payment is passed on to children’s support and the society at the same time supports the work of people with disabilities in sheltered workshops who participate in a manual production of Charitky.

Contributions solve needs of specific children. For example, Jakub’s family provided him with a rehabilitation stay. Just like Jakub other 324 children have already received a contribution that served as a purchase of for example orthopedic shoes, cochlear implants, payment of personal assistant or payment of rent for young people leaving orphanages.

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