T-Mobile is a socially responsible company

T-Mobile is a socially responsible company

T-Mobile again joined the Charitky project and exemplary connected promotion of their products and services with social responsibility. In December, a campaign "Podporujeme dobré věci"(‘We are supporting good things’) was held, it also actively supported in addition to Charitky an endowment fund DOBRÝ ANDĚL, a help for families with children, which are because of a serious long-term illness in financial distress.

A financial support resulting from cooperation between Charitky and T-Mobile in 2012 was given to talented children from an endowment fund Plaváček. Another contribution was sent to five particular children included in a program ‘Podporuj mě’ (‘Support me’) of a non-profit organisation Dejme dětem šanci. The same targeted help for children is repeating again by using socially responsible promotion in the form of Charitky.

Charitky as an original promotional item with a social impact helps and supports a development of particular children as well as gives a job opportunity to people with disabilities in a form of a manual production of Charitky’s telescopic boxes. People with disabilities are thus beneficial for future generations – for children.


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