Charitky in a new packaging gives work to people with disabilities

Charitky in a new packaging gives work to people with disabilities

Charitky introduced on September a new packaging. An original, telescopic box with endless promotional space supports local social and business economics. One of significant innovations presented is the involvement of people with disabilities during the manual production.

Now, it is possible to use Charitky in the mode of a facultative compensation (that means one of possible ways of ensuring compulsory proportion of employment people with disabilities required by the laws of the Czech Republic (4 % of the total number of employees). Charitky shows us that even a group of people with disabilities can be beneficial for future generations – for children who thanks to Charitky obtain funds for support of their development.

On account of more effective production the financial contribution given to children is increased from the original 10 % to 12 % of the price of the promotional product. Funds raised by this form of socially responsible promotion Charitky® gives forward directly and mainly to specific children by trusted non-profit organisations.

The packaging is unique just for Charitky® - you will not find anywhere else this principle of an extendable telescopic opening and a blister in a shape of Charitky’s heart.

An own patent – by virtue of an exclusive property right no license fees and other costs are paid.

Greater variability of the contents while maintaining prices – mini dragées could be arranged in heart shape in five different shades of colour or in a mix according to client’s request and without increasing the cost.

And what’s more? The extendable telescopic opening as well as the filling of mini dragées is completely made in the Czech Republic.

Charitky by this product even more demonstrates that business can also have a social dimension.

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