There were three Charites!

There were three Charites!

The name of our project is not derived from a word ‘charity,’ as it might be expected at first thought. Our source of inspiration were three daughters of Zeus : Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia- together they were known as the Charites, the Gratiae in Latin. They personified grace, beauty and kindness to both gods and people.

What does Wikipedia say about the symbolism of the goodness of ‘the Three Graces?’

• Always as a trinity - there are three acts of kindness (to give, to receive, to return)
• They hold each other’s hands- the goodness as a chain passed from one hand to the other
• They represent joyfulness - happy is the one who gives as well as the one who receives
• They are young - a memory of goodness should not age
• They have transparent gowns - goodness is not afraid of others’ gaze

The theme of Charites is preserved by many artworks - sculptures, reliefs, vase paintings. Moreover, their popularity is reflected in the fact that there are many temples built in their honour.

The remarkable symbolism of these three ancient goddesses also inspired the title of a project of original promotional items with socially responsible message. 10% of turnover is devoted on behalf of projects supporting children's development, education and social behavior.

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