There is no an advertisement as an advertisement

There is no an advertisement as an advertisement

To show a company can manage more than just sell successfully, that it is capable to see further than the next economic results, that it is not just interested in an individual success –these are the trends of today's society. More and more companies endorse the corporate social responsibility and they are not afraid to admit they are interested in finding possibilities of how to make the world even a slightly better place to live.

An advertisement based on a presentation of a corporate social responsibility is gaining in importance. It is an original communication resource which is able to spread a message of goodness and it proclaims social belonging. An advert belongs essentially to the support of a company and a brand and it could have a non-traditional form and deeper announcement than usual.

Because there is not an advert as an advert!

One of a concrete example is a Charitky project – a socially responsible promotional item for any personalized company’s message, of which turnover 10 % is donated to a support of a development, education and social behaviour of children.

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