They said about the project Charitky

They said about the project Charitky

Jindřich Tomas, the Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit organisation Plaváček. The NPO founded by Deana and Juraj Jakubisko supports talented and gifted children from socially disadvantaged families and orphanages.

We are pleased to announce that the project Charitky evaluated the cooperation with the non-profit organisation Plaváček positively, especially with regard to our project “Vítr do plachet” (i.e. searching, selecting and consequential long-term support for talented and gifted children from socially disadvantaged environment).

Our cooperation with Charitky ensures us that we have chosen the correct form of support for socially disadvantaged children and that our efforts of their integration in normal society is transparent enough for us to be involved in the project Charitky. It opens us the possibility for obtaining other needed financial resources and- still more important nowadays- the possibility of the public promotion.

The project Charitky itself is attractive particularly thanks to the fact that it arises from the basic principles of passing on good deeds, when financially savvy companies both contribute on carefully chosen charity projects and enable other thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands to become familiar with single projects and, in the ideal case, persuade them into supporting some of the projects.

We wish Charitky and thus not only ourselves but also other partner projects lots of success in our common activities.

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